Establish or Enhance an Asian Language Program

The ALLEX Foundation enables universities to begin or maintain a high quality Chinese or Japanese language program by providing them with professionally trained, native Chinese or Japanese instructors. Learn More

Establish or enhance an Asian language program by inviting an ALLEX trained Chinese or Japanese instructor to teach and study at your university.
ALLEX operates the nation’s longest running Asian language teacher training program. Spend eight weeks with the field’s foremost pedagogy experts.
Graduates of ALLEX intensive summer language programs do more than speak the language--they perform in the culture at unprecented levels.


Sanae Eda

Professor Eda is an Associate Professor and Director of the School in Japan at Middlebury College. She received her first M.A. in Teaching English..

Yongfang Zhang

Professor Zhang is an Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies at Wofford College. She earned her M.A. in Modern Chinese from Beijing Normal..

Haohsiang Liao

Professor Liao, Visiting Lecturer in Chinese at Williams College, is a Ph.D. candidate in Chinese Language Pedagogy at Ohio State University. He..

Cornelius Kubler

Professor Kubler, Stanfield Professor of Asian Studies at Williams College, received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in linguistics from Cornell..

Masayuki Itomitsu

Masayuki Itomitsu, Assistant Professor of Japanese at Linfield College, received his Ph.D. in Japanese from Ohio State University. He also earned his..



Scholarships for Summer Chinese & Japanese Study
ALLEX Class of 2013 Completed Teacher Training
Pre-Departure Orientations Held in Tokyo and Taipei


ALLEX Graduates 29th Class of Trainees