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Teacher Training Institute Topics

● Act/Fact Dichotomy
● Language in culture vs. Language and Culture
● Distinguishing and teaching the 4 skills
● Testing
● Pedagogical grammar
● Oral skills vs. written skills
● Romanization: it’s uses and abuses
● Native orthography vs. pedagogical writing systems
● Interference of cultural attitudes toward writing systems
● Role of audiotapes, video, and CD ROM in Chinese and Japanese programs
● Principals of ACT teaching: No English; Normal Speed; Insistence on authentic Chinese and Japanese; Everything in Context; Stretching
● Use of visual aids
● Correction
● Total class involvement
● Confidence building
● Preparing a lesson plan
● Role of a textbook when there is no FACT teacher
● Daily evaluation of class performance
● Authenticity
● Expansion and Stretching
● Pronunciation: importance, areas of difficulty, and art of effective correction
● Oral Exams
● Comprehensive Exams
● Classroom etiquette
● Handling students who are having problems
● Maintaining appropriate standards
● Determining appropriate pace

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Last night we held an ALLEX Reunion in! It was great to see everyone and hear of the many, many successes ALLEX graduates have after the program!