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Teacher Training Institute Syllabus

Goals of this program:

  1. To instill an understanding of developments in language teaching (particularly Chinese and Japanese language teaching,) that view language as meaning-making activity that involves reflective performance;
  2. To give ample opportunities in practice teaching with abundant constructive feedback;
  3. To prepare participants to assume responsibility for an elementary language program at an American institution.

The program will mix theory and practice, lectures and hand-on demonstrations. As with any good language program, it will employ the principle of “recycling”—covering topics at an introductory level at first, then going back to them in more depth and detail as students progress.

  • In weeks 1-2 we will make a first pass at a set of core concepts: fact/act (declarative/performative knowledge), spoken language as primary, language as performance, the four skills, assessment/testing, language in culture, etc.
  • In weeks 3-4-5-6 we will go into more depth with each of these as they apply to your teaching demonstrations as well as how they relate to other textbooks. You will hear from visiting lecturers how they use these concepts in their own teaching, and receive guidance in how to apply them in yours.
  • In weeks 7-8 we will refine the concepts for a last time and go over the mechanics of running an elementary language program (writing a syllabus, setting office hours, testing and grading, expectations, etc.).

Requirements and Assessment:

  1. Content: There will be (sometimes unannounced) quizzes on assignments and readings.
  2. Discussion/class participation: This is an upper-division course of study for some and a graduate-level course of study for others. Responding to lectures and the readings along with active participation in demonstrations is part of your job as an advanced student.
  3. Demonstration lessons—”demos”—including your written plan.

Both undergraduate and graduate students will receive credit for the course.

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