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The curriculum of the full-time-intensive summer program includes a lecture component (covering such topics as the basic principles of effective Chinese and Japanese language pedagogy, classroom teaching techniques, theCurriculum linguistic analysis of Chinese and Japanese, and language testing); an observation component (during which participants observe and analyze actual Chinese and Japanese language classes taught by master instructors); and a demonstration component (during which participants teach actual Chinese and Japanese class sessions, which are videotaped and later critiqued by program faculty members).


  1. To instill an understanding of developments in language teaching (particularly Chinese and Japanese language teaching,) that view language as meaning-making activity that involves reflective performance; GOALS OF THE PROGRAM
  2. To give ample opportunities in practice teaching with abundant constructive feedback;
  3. To prepare participants to assume responsibility for an elementary language program at an American institution.

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  • Nature of language
  • ‘Act’ and ‘Fact’ components of language learning
  • Learned and acquired culture
  • TOPICS COVEREDLanguage and culture vs. language in culture
  • Analysis of Chinese and Japanese for Western students
  • Teaching of the four skills
  • Use of audio- and videotapes and multimedia adaptations
  • Drills vs. exercises
  • Teaching pronunciation
  • Evaluating performance
  • Achievement vs. proficiency vs. prochievement testing

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