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“Rie made a wonderful impression on me today. She spoke of videotaping herself teaching in order to improve. Such motivation! … You guys do such a great job of recruiting – thanks again for what seems to be another talented, dedicated, and utterly pleasant ALLEX Fellow.”
University of Maine at Farmington

“I had such a good experience with ALLEX as a department chair at Catholic U in DC, that I am working to partner again with them now at UNH.”
University of New Haven

"I'm thrilled that SU continues to partner with you. We cannot say enough great things about the ALLEX program!"
Salisbury Universty

“Our experience with Nars was excellent. Her thoughtful teaching and extracurricular involvement have successfully launched the Chinese program at Lesley.”
Lesley College

“Because of the excellent first year instruction the ALLEX fellows have helped us to provide, our enrollments continued to grow, convincing our administration to give us two new full time positions in Japanese language since we first applied to you.”
Boston University

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with ALLEX and particularly with our first instructor, Yuya Takeda. Whatever selection process was used to identify Takeda-san as an appropriate match should definitely be repeated!”
Becker College

“We have been blessed by the enthusiasm and teaching abilities of our current teaching assistant – Susan Lin. She has been a great fit here and a favorite with her students!”
Concordia University, Nebraska

“We are now at the point where we need to expand course offerings due to the successes of the instructors that you have sent us over the years. Slippery Rock University has been well served by the Exchange: Japan and ALLEX program for so many years….This “pilot” program has been continuing for 20 years now, so it is surely time to make this permanent….Please accept our most sincere thanks for a quality program and never-ending support over the years.”
Slippery Rock University

“Abbie has been fantastic. We love her. She has bonded with our Flagship faculty and is learning from them. This is a wonderful situation.”
University of Mississippi

“Shiho has been working hard, and doing a wonderful job in our program.”
Wesleyan University

“We are very pleased with the training and we are very pleased with the selection [of the candidates].”
Claflin University

“I may have told you that the President, Vice President, and I are taking Chinese 101, and we are so very impressed with Pan Loashi. I would love to come visit your summer training program and see what magic you work in those few short weeks.”
Wesleyan College

“It has been a true pleasure working with you and thank you for all the great teachers you have sent us.”
William and Mary College

“… the other big feature [of the program] is the intensive training the teachers get, which you don’t find with other similar programs. They bring methods and an interest in being a good teacher that really shows up in the classroom. Our students have loved all of the Chinese teachers that have come from ALLEX. And our Chinese faculty has also been very happy with their performance in the classroom.”
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

“We strongly recommend ALLEX to all departments who are trying to build programs in Japanese or Chinese.”
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

“As far as I am concerned, ALLEX is a proven commodity in terms of how you screen folks, how you train people, and how you operate. I have tremendous confidence in the organization.”
Elmira College

“I wanted to let you know how well Yayoi Shinoda is doing in our program. She is an excellent instructor and just an all around great individual. The director of the Center for International Studies, who provided half of the funding for her position has met her as well and seemed very impressed with her. Thanks for the great placement!”
University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Natsuno is incredible… A real trooper.”
Winona State University

“Our current ALLEX instructors, like all previous ones, are superb. Thank you!”
Wesleyan College

"On our side, we are very happy to welcome Horii-san, who joins a growing list of superlative ALLEX assistants at Linfield!"
Linfield College

 "We are really hoping to keep ALLEX as a permanent resource.  Kelly is wonderful.  We are so grateful for this amazing, enriching resource."
Elon University

 "I've been very fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to work with such talented ALLEX teachers. The current teacher is the 4th one….It's been meaningful to witness the benefits on many levels, where our students truly appreciate the ALLEX teachers and their perspectives. Thank you so much for all you do to make it possible."
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

 "I wanted to let you know that Mizuho is working out exceptionally well. All of our ALLEX TAs have been good: reliable, skillful teachers, never a source of problems….We are working on creating a Japanese minor or certificate. ALLEX has been so helpful in our efforts to build capacity in Japanese affordably and always with quality instruction."
Western Kentucky University

 "I am so grateful to have Kaya in our department this year.  Kaya has been a great member for our Japanese program.  She always gives more than 100 percent in effort in preparing for her drill classes….I could tell my students love her both as a teacher and a big sister. "
Wellesley College

"In our department David & Philip have been wonderful friends, instructors, and colleagues. We fully intend to join the program again and hope you can select someone equally commendable."            Wichita State University

ALLEX is now accepting applications for summer and fall programs.

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