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Trine University

By Amy Van Bonn, The Triangle, Trine University Newspaper
Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing Professor Hsuan-Chu Lee

A new wonderful and unique addition to Trine University is Professor Chloe Lee. Not only is she the Chinese language professor on campus, she is a student here as well! Coming to Trine University from Taiwan, she is very excited about being here in Angola and has a great passion for teaching languages. Previously, she tutored junior high students that were learning English as well as Chinese. She also worked for a corporation in Taiwan teaching the English language to students.

Learning English when she was a child, she knows the struggles of learning a new language and wants to assist her students as much as she possibly can. Helping to reduce the struggles for her students is part of her very dedicated mission as a professor.

She teaches two sections of Chinese language class and enjoys teaching very much. Her students are showing a genuine interest in learning the language and even volunteering to answer her questions during class and it’s only the begin- ning of the semester. She is very eager to see what the semester will bring In addition to teaching the language, she wants to incorporate many aspects of Chinese culture into her class, as well to allow the students to see where the language comes from and make the classes interesting for students.

Being both a professor and a student at Trine University is bring- ing interesting adjustments for Professor Lee, however, she loves the atmosphere on campus. “Every- one is really friendly and does their best to make you feel welcome, and I like that,” she stated as one of the many things she enjoys about Trine. Attending the National Taiwan University Lee said it was very large and not as personable as the comforting atmosphere of a smaller school. Trine is a nice change from the fast paced school she attended in Taiwan.

When Professor Lee is not teaching classes or attending her own she enjoys exploring Angola as much as possible, and spending time with her friends. A very beneficial addition to campus, we are glad to have Professor Chloe Lee join us at Trine University. If you happen to see her on campus, please extend a warm welcome her way. She will certainly do the same for everyone she encounters on campus.

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