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The following is a list of faculty affiliated with the ALLEX Foundation. For a list of current teaching faculty please see the Teacher Training Institute.

Wan-Chen Chen, Ohio State University
Sanae Eda, Middlebury College
Masayuki Itomitsu, Linfield College
Hiroaki Kawamura, University of Findlay
Emiko Konomi, Portland State University
Cornelius Kubler, Williams College
Haohsiang Liao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Ginger Marcus, Washington U. in St. Louis
Naomi Nakada, Cornell University
Mari Noda, Ohio State University; Chair, DEALL
Misumi Sadler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Robert Sukle, Cornell University
Misa Suzuki, Cornell University
Suwako Watanabe, Portland State University
Patricia Wetzel, Portland State University
Kanako Yao, Ohio State University
Lindsay Yotsukura, Columbia University
Yongfang Zhang, Wofford College

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