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The Teaching Associate Program in Chinese and Japanese enables post-secondary institutions to begin or maintain a high quality Chinese or Japanese language program by providing them with professionally trained, native Chinese and Japanese instructors who teach in exchange for tuition waivers to pursue a master’s, second bachelor’s, or associate’s degree. (Instructors do not receive a salary.)  ALLEX instructors teach one or two courses of elementary Chinese or Japanese emphasizing all four language skills—speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Dozens of universities have established successful Asian language programs with the help of ALLEX and its predecessor, Exchange:Japan; scores of universities have since deepened their commitment by adding tenure-track positions (a few have even added two).

Universities establishing a new Asian language program will find that ALLEX instructors–in contrast to adjuncts–make a significant difference in the program’s long-term success. The reasons are clear: 1) ALLEX lecturers are always on campus, 2) they are fully committed to the host institution because of the tuition-exchange agreement, and 3) they are professionally trained to teach native English speakers.

Build a ProgramInstitutions with established programs unable to commit to the two-year Teaching Associate Program may request a lecturer with a one-year commitment through the Teaching Fellow Program, designed to augment and enrich course offerings or to supply sabbatical replacements. Teaching Fellow instructors teach in exchange for room and board and the tuition to take one or two courses for credit or as auditors. (Please contact ALLEX for more information on the Teaching Fellow Program.)

The Chinese and Japanese instructors, all college graduates, are carefully screened through a rigorous application process that includes standardized testing, review of academic record, and an oral interview. Once accepted into the program, ALLEX matches Teaching Associates with institutions based on mutual needs and suitability.


As preparation for their teaching assignments, instructors enroll in a specially designed, seven week (245 contact hours) summer teacher training program taught by SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAMmaster university instructors and experts in Chinese and Japanese pedagogy. The summer program emphasizes the teaching of Chinese and Japanese specifically to native-English speakers, an important perspective rarely studied by language teachers trained in Asia where most language students are from nearby Asian countries and have very different language backgrounds from students in the American university classroom.

The curriculum of the full-time-intensive summer program includes a lecture component (covering such topics as the basic principles of effective Chinese and Japanese language pedagogy, classroom teaching techniques, the linguistic analysis of Chinese and Japanese, and language testing); an observation component (during which participants observe and analyze actual Chinese and Japanese language classes SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAMtaught by master instructors); and a demonstration component (during which participants teach actual Chinese and Japanese class sessions, which are videotaped and later critiqued by program faculty members). Details of the summer Teacher Training Institute can be found here.


Institutions provide an instructor with financial support for one or two years. For the two-year Teaching Associate Program this usually takes the form of a tuition waiver (tuition, room and board, and health insurance). The one-year Teaching Fellow Program institutions provide room and board and the ability to take one or two courses. For the duration of an instructor’s assignment professional support is available from designated members of the summer Teacher Training Institute faculty.RESPONSIBILITIES OF HOST INSTITUTION

We understand that each university has its unique needs and concerns, and ALLEX is committed to cooperating with schools to allow for institutional differences within the framework of the Teaching Associate Program.


Contact ALLEX to obtain a copy of the Letter of Agreement which details the administrative and financial arrangements proposed by your institution, and send it to your ALLEX representative. After consultation on a draft LOU, send the final version to our U.S. office. Institutions may request more than one instructor. High schools are encouraged to partner with neighboring colleges and universities that can provide for an instructor’s pursuit of a degree while teaching at the high school.

ALLEX is now accepting applications for summer and fall programs.

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