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Enhance A Current Program

The ALLEX Foundation offers institutions with an already established Asian language program an economical way to:

  • Replace a faculty member on leaveEnhance A Current Program
  • Add a course or a section
  • Hire a section instructor
  • Staff a language house
  • Recruit an internationally competitive graduate student and professionally trained “teaching assistant” for your Master’s program
  • Otherwise expand or enhance your program with a native speaker

Universities may invite an experienced instructor to campus through one of two programs:


FP brings a professionally trained native-speaking instructor to campus to teach one to three classes of Chinese or Japanese for a period of one-year. No salary is paid to the instructor; instead they work in exchange for permission to take one or two classes per semester for their own study. Universities should also provide a dormitory room and board.

FP was designed with sabbatical replacements in mind, although it is also used by many schools to add course offerings within an ongoing language program.


TEACHING ASSOCIATE PROGRAM (TAP)TAP provides institutions  with a professionally trained instructor for a period of two years. Institutions with a long-term commitment to their language program should consider the two-year TAP program over the one-year FP program because the longer employment period offers more stability and consistent pedagogy over several academic years.

Institutions do not pay the insturctor a salary. Instead the ALLEX instructor teaches one to two courses of Chinese or Japanese in exchange for tuition, room, and board waivers to pursue a Masters or second Bachelors degree.

Professionally Trained Instructors

Professionally Trained InstructorsAll ALLEX instructors are professionally trained in the United States by the field’s preeminent scholars of Chinese and Japanese language pedagogy. The training program has over 25 years of history; over 800 instructors have been trained since 1988.

Whichever program you choose, the ALLEX mission is to help you introduce East Asian languages to your students with high quality instruction. We recognize that every university has its own requirements and resources, and we are happy to work with you to expand the language program at your university.

ALLEX is now accepting applications for summer and fall programs.

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