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Director’s Message

Tom Mason Jr Tom Mason Jr.  [BIO]
President & Executive Director

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the ALLEX program and its renowned Teacher Training Institute. Since the organization’s founding in 1988 (then known as Exchange:Japan), over 800 lecturers and 200 institutions have participated in the Teaching Associate and Teaching Fellow programs. Tens of thousands of American college students have studied Chinese and Japanese with ALLEX teachers and hundreds of those students have journeyed to Asia for study abroad programs, jobs, graduate school, and Asia-related careers.

The organization has had an enormous impact on the fields of Chinese and Japanese pedagogy. For more than two decades the Institute has served as an important training ground for Chinese and Japanese teachers — many senior professionals in the field attribute their success to the Teacher Training Institute. To this day, the Institute remains one of just two intensive teacher training programs available for instructors serious about mastering the core skills necessary to successfully teach Chinese or Japanese. Identified by the State Department as two of the four most difficult languages for native English speakers, Chinese and Japanese require ultra-skilled instructors to ensure our students make as much progress as quickly as possible. Our time is limited: the State Department classifies Chinese and Japanese as Category Three languages and research shows it takes four times longer to reach professional proficiency in these languages than those in Category One, such as Spanish and French.

This organization has been able to accomplish so much since 1988 due to the dedication and energy of the Academic Team. The core team has been together now for 30 years; as we move forward through the decades, we are pleased to welcome new faculty to our teaching staff — many of whom are graduates of the earliest ALLEX/E:J classes. Allow me to thank the Academic Team for their passion, expertise, and support. It is a joy to work with such wonderful people on this critical mission.

Happy 30 Years! Here’s to many more years of excellence in teacher training!

Thomas Mason Jr.
President & Executive Director

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